Smart Thermostat Demonstration

The Smart thermostat program is very simple. At no cost to you, your preferred contractor will install a smartphone-controlled Honeywell thermostat at no cost to you.

It will allow you to control temperature of your boiler and split systems from a smartphone. The thermostat will balance their use. So at all time, the more efficient system is used to save you money and increase comfort.

Minisplit system

Zone Comfort

Boost comfort in the room where you are active.

DC6000WF Ductless Controller – Color

Custom Control

Create customization to save money and meet your preference.

Existing boiler

Fulfill Basic Needs

Ensure rest of your house have adequate heat.

The program is sponsored by NYSERDA, which is funded by your utility tariff (tax item on your ConEd bill) and co-sponsored by Honeywell and HVAC manufacturers. Equipment and labor value is over $1,500.

In exchange for your participation, we install a monitoring device on your electrical panel, boiler, and place a few temperature sensors in your living space. We will also conduce surveys to solicit your feedback about its usefulness.

At successful completion of the program in 12 months, we will also send you a check for $250 to thank you for your cooperation.

To enroll, we will to schedule a home visit appointment with you to confirm its suitability. If suitable, I will work with you to enroll in the program and schedule installation.

Please contact Julie Liu at or 917-615-4392 for more information or schedule the appointment. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Let’saving energy cost and environment together.